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Post  Evren on Wed Jun 09, 2010 5:30 pm

1) Name: Evren
2) Level 75 Jobs: BLM, BLU, SMN
3) Level 37+ Subs: RDM, WHM, THF, NIN
4) Nation & Rank: San 10, Windurst 8 (Current)
5) Rize of the Zilart: Fin (The Last Verse)
6) Chains of Promathia: Fin (The Last Verse)
7) Dynamis Access: Dynamis-Xarcabard, Need Dynamis-Valkurm for Tavnazia
Cool Crafts over 60: Alchemy 61 (not much of a crafter)
9) Do you have Endgame Experience? What was the name of your previous Enddgame Linkshell? I have Experience in All HNMs up to before the Addon packs Including Sandworm and Ixion, Einherjar, All Dynamis with the exception of Tavnazia, Sky, Sea, ZNMs (Not including PW), Salvage and Limbus including Ultima and Omega. Basically Everything that was in game before September 09. My previous linkshell Was Deadcell on Ramuh, to which I was an Sackholder for and led the majority of Dynamis and Einherjar events, Unfortunatly the shell fell apart and broke in August 09 due to declining amount of members.
10) Are you prepared to make this your only Linkshell? Considering I am linkshellless, yes.
11) Are you able to make most events? I am pretty much available to make all of them barring RL emergencies which doesnt happen at all.
12) Why choose this Linkshell? I was Googling for EU linkshells, and came across this, due to the lack of EU linkshells on my home server (Ramuh), I thought it would be best to try and apply elsewhere. Your scheduled events fits my schedule nicely.
13) If you are from another server, which? I am from Ramuh where I have been since 2005, but since none of my friends no longer play, I found this opputunity to move on. The main reason for departing is due to the lack of EU endgame shells.
14) Anything Relevent you like to add? I have been a career BLM all my FFXI life and I love the job. I have maxxed merits on the Job, and some pretty decent/HQ gear (at the time I took a break). I havn't played since Sep'09 due to work related issues that willl no longer effect me so newer content will be alien to me.
15) Are you happy with the Linkshell rules? Yes, That is I agree with them.

NB: I have yet to Xfer servers, as I await a succsessful app before I do.


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