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Post  Slaydee on Wed Sep 02, 2009 4:39 pm

Hello and welcome to LateralThinking!

We hope you have many enjoyable experiences and meet many new friends in this linkshell. To ensure this is possible we present to you our linkshell rules to help make things run smoothly.


No foul language, insults or bullying will be tolerated.

Dissagreements with another member to be brought to the attention of a leader in /tell and will be delt with accordingly.

To uphold our reputation as a linkshell do not participate in any bad behaviour with other linkshells.

If a leader gives direction please follow it and do not disrupt Event. If you do not agree speak to another leader in /tell after event has finished.

For information on our lotting system, please see our applications section.

We would like you to only use this linkshell for your endgame events and hopefully for your social needs also. That being said other social linkshells will be tolerated on the basis that if you are a member of this linkshell, once it is time for events you will be on time and ready for the days events.

Each Event will have a set gather together time. Anything over 10 minutes late will result in a penalty to points or a possible loss of a right to Lot. Continued failure to show will result in a removal from linkshell. This is not something anyone wants to do, as Events run on everyone working together as a team, so if you will be absent please inform a leader 24hrs before if possible.

Please come prepared with reraise items and any meds you may need for your job. This will benfit not only yourself but the whole linkshell in the long run.

Once the days Event has started we expect everyone to be ready for everything planned. If you MUST go AFK please inform a leader. Failure to inform leaders of AFK or continued use of AFK during Event may result in penalty to points if your AFK directly effects the course of a battle negatively.

After Event has started we expect you to remain for the whole time. It is over when a leader says we are done. If you need to leave early please inform leader as early as possible.

Thank you for your time in reading this and we all look forward to working with you.

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